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Creative treatment ideas and engaging resources for pediatric occupational therapists!

The Organized Occupational Therapist provides tips and tricks to stay organized, treatment ideas and digital resources in both English and Spanish for pediatric occupational therapists, teachers and parents.

Popular Products

Visual Schedules provide organization, structure and predictability to sessions. Visual Schedule Cards can be used to improve transitions throughout the day and during Occupational Therapy sessions, improve literacy skills, teach time concepts and sequencing, available for reference throughout the day. This product includes 300+ activity cards and 16 categories. Neatly store all of your activity cards with tabs and storage pages.

Pre-Writing Strokes Practice Pages includes 90 pages of digital download worksheets. This Pre-Writing Stroke set helps improve visual motor skills, fine motor skills and writing readiness skills. Keep students engaged with fun pre-writing worksheet themes.

Are you working on improving scissor skills and in need of scissor practice? Thumbprint cutting strips are the perfect for kids learning to cut with scissors. Teach proper scissor skills using thumbprint cutting strips which includes a variety of straight, curvy, and zig-zag lines with visual thumbprint cues.

About My Shop

I’m Stephanie, the digital resource creator of The Organized Occupational Therapist. I created my shop to help pediatric occupational therapist provide engaging resources, treatment ideas and tips and tricks to stay organized. I hope these digital resources are a fun addition to your occupational therapy session or classroom!

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