Pediatric Occupational Therapist Approved Newborn Baby Registry Items

Top 10 Pediatric Occupational Therapist Approved Baby Registry Essentials for a Newborn


Are you a soon-to-be parent searching for the best baby registry items, vetted by a pediatric occupational therapist? Look no further! As a pediatric OT and a parent myself, I’ve curated a list of 10 newborn must-have items that I absolutely adore using with my daughter. These essentials are not only parent-approved to make your life easier but most items also enhance your baby’s development and safety.

1. Changing Pad - Movi Cocoon

One of my most used items is this Movi Cocoon which is a wipeable changing pad. There’s a lot of rogue pees and poops while changing a newborn and I love that the Movi Cocoon is very easy to wipe clean and the best part, no covers are needed which means less laundry. The Movi Cocoon has a stable base that does not slide around and is light weight so it can easily be moved anywhere around your home. The high side walls and washable safety strap gives me peace of mind that my child is always safe while changing.

Occupational Therapist Tip – A great way to incorporate tummy time into your daily routine is to add one minute of tummy time after each diaper change. 

2.Tummy Time Wedge - Tum Tum

Tummy time is crucial for strengthening your baby’s neck, back, and arm muscles, as well as promoting motor development. The Tum Tum Tummy Time Wedge offers a supportive surface for tummy time activities, making it more comfortable and enjoyable for your little one. The TumTum wedge has made Tummy Time fun for my daughter! I also love that it is made from durable and wipeable materials, the wedge is easy to clean.

3. High Contrast Books

In the early stages of infancy, newborns’ color perception remains limited, primarily detecting white, black, and shades of grey due to their developing eyesight. This limited color range is a result of their visual system still maturing after birth. However, infants are naturally drawn to high-contrast black-and-white patterns, which starkly contrast against their blurry surroundings. These visually stimulating patterns not only capture their attention but also aid in their ability to focus, contributing to early visual development and cognitive growth.

4. Play Gym

Play gyms are interactive play mats that provide sensory stimulation, aiding in the development of fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination crucial for early childhood development. Through reaching for and grasping toys, infants enhance their muscle strength and coordination, laying the foundation for future milestones. Additionally, play gyms encourage independent exploration and cognitive development, making them invaluable tools. I love using the Lovevery play gym!

5. Rattle

SmartNoggin NogginStik Developmental Light-Up Rattle has an innovative design that stimulates multiple senses, with gentle rattling sounds and a soft, textured handle that encourages grasping and exploration. The built-in light-up feature not only captivates babies’ attention but also aids in visual tracking, helping to strengthen their visual acuity and coordination. The NogginStik’s ergonomic shape is perfectly sized for little hands, promoting fine motor skill development as babies learn to grasp and manipulate objects.

6. Muslin Blankets

One thing that’s always in my stroller or diaper bag is a muslin blanket.  These lightweight and breathable blankets are perfect for swaddling newborns. Additionally, muslin blankets are ideal for shielding babies from the sun or creating a nursing cover for privacy while breastfeeding on the go. I have purchased several brands and these are by far the softest texture. They can be used for a: stroller cover, burp cloth, or even a makeshift changing pad in a pinch. Moreover, muslin’s natural ability to regulate temperature ensures that babies stay comfortable and cozy without overheating – perfect for summer or people who live in a warm climate. 

7. High Chair

Tripp Trapp Chair has an adjustable design that grows with your child, accommodating infants to adults with ease, ensuring years of use. The ergonomic seat and footplate promote proper posture and support healthy spine development from early childhood through adolescence. It provides proper 90-90-90 positioning. This high chair provides long-term value for families and will continue to grow with your child.

8. Rinse Cup for Bath Time

This adorable whale-shaped rinse cup has become an essential part of our bath time routine, used with joy at every bath session. Its thoughtful design ensures that water stays out of my baby’s eyes and ears, offering peace of mind and a tear-free experience. I particularly appreciate the soft lip feature, allowing me to gently place it on my baby’s forehead for added comfort. I love that it stands up when you’re not using it.

10. Nursing Pillow

The Breast Friend Nursing Pillow has been a great tool on my breastfeeding journey, offering unparalleled comfort, support, and versatility. I love that it supports my back and is great for any mom’s recovering from a C-section. Its thoughtful design and superior functionality have truly made it a must-have for any breastfeeding mom.

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