Thumbprint Cutting Strips

Learning how to use scissors is an important skill that promotes hand strength, hand-eye coordination, classroom tool use and bilateral motor coordination skills. Children need to practice fine motor skills when cutting with scissors in order to learn how to use scissors safely and accurately.

There is a progression to help master cutting skills. A child must learn how to properly position scissors. At the beginning, a child learns how to snip a piece of paper (like fringe), then progresses to cutting straight lines, curved lines, simple shapes, and, ultimately, complex shapes.

Cutting paper with scissors is a skill that children spend lots of time mastering and it’s not always easy. Some children struggle with scissor use and cutting skills due to underlying difficulties with bilateral motor coordination skills, or the ability to use both hands together in a controlled manner.

Are you constantly saying, “hold your paper with your helper hand,” or is your child’s paper always wobbly while cutting? The simple visual cue of a thumbprint can help guide the child’s hands. Children gain confidence in their hand-eye coordination and develop the fine motor skills needed to cut with precision. Thumbprint cutting strips can help improve the efficiency with which children learn bilateral motor coordination skills while using scissors.

With the right tools and visual cues, your student or child will feel more confident with their cutting skills. Thumbprint cutting strips enhance bilateral motor coordination skills, opening up a whole new world of cutting possibilities for kids of all ages!

Using tools like the thumbprint cutting strips can help provide a foundation for furthering fine motor skills. Cutting with scissors is an important skill, but it requires practice and patience to master. By understanding the basics, like safety awareness, proper grip, fine motor strength and bilateral motor coordination skills your child can become more confident using school tools such as scissors. Thumbprint cutting strips are an easy setup, low prep, fun activity, to improve bilateral motor coordination skills, fine motor skills and build a child’s confidence with activities that require the use of scissors.

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